Many months back the battle against Pastors was tithes and offerings, it became so volatile that many Pastors defended their faith in tithes and offerings through all the platforms God has given them. Some preached elaborate messages and in fact published books to affirm their conviction on the subject matter. The whole brouhaha was going down when a major strike came to the church through the pandemic and the church was closed down for 5 months.

Then, another argument came up by people who were skeptical about pastors that preach divine healing and miracles. It brought about the problem of the strength of the gospel. How much of truth is in what we preach and how authentic is our healing service and the prosperity that we preach?

Now, it is the trending Daddy Freeze and Pastor Ibiyomie’s reaction to the insult Freeze sent to Bishop David Oyedepo via social media.

These are my brief conclusions on this matter, Daddy Freeze, Pastor Ibiyomie, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Adeboye are all Christians, so, the battle has left the world and is now in the church.

The people involved are quoting scriptures and revelations they claim to have been given them by the spirit. So we need to pray and go back to the days of the Berean Christians who went back home to search whether what Paul was saying was right or wrong.

What’s the church looking at when our hymns are being replaced with Makosa and our dance steps are a direct copy of the disco tech? Our music industry turned gospel into a brand of music not different from Juju, Fuji and R and B. So if you are going to play gospel, you don’t need to be born again. No wonder at the high level of immorality and sin that follows our music ministers.

We have reports of intakes of drugs before performing and sexual escapades among so called ministers.

Today, many who were taught by the usage of church equipment bill the church exorbitantly before they can perform.

What’s the church looking at when we began to entertain comedians on the altar? How many times have we seen other religions bring mere mortals to their altar?

Because we feel people do not want to hear the Word or come to church we decided to turn our auditorium to a theatre to pull people to church.

Comedians also grew with it by using Pastors to bring about the best laughter. We ignorantly continued to reduce the time of the Word which is the sword of the spirit to please people not the Holy Spirit, thereby producing half-baked Christians only good at twisting the Word of God to please them.

A lot of pastors have been killed in KADUNA because we have lost focus, we have forgotten Bishop Oyedepo started his ministry in KADUNA preaching fire brand messages which today have benefited mankind immensely. Having allowed all these lapses, the internal wrangling within the church has targeted the men of God.

This is a ploy to completely destroy the church. When men we call the pillars of the faith are being run down then the church is almost gone.

Who is that Christian that has not been to Redemption Camp, or Canaan Land, or whose children did not attend Redeemers University or Covenant University or even has not read books by all these men that were blessings to them in their journey of faith?

If the next step of the devil is focused on tearing these men down and we agree with them, then I wonder the kind of Christianity we are going to hand over to our children.

With COVID-19 challenging the healing power of the gospel, Pastors getting killed every day in the North, churches getting burnt daily and the government smuggling the law of CAMA into our laws (to probably keep vocal ministers mute), comedians making jest of pastors and even desecrating the altar in the name of modern day ministry, there is a lot to deal with. The church is losing ground every day and I think we need to get our act together because the enemy is no longer outside the fold. It is time to walk circumspectly and consciously so that it wouldn’t be that while we thought we were walking to heaven, we were actually on the highway to hell.