The Good side of the Church on Pastor Taiwo Awosika's blog

That the church has been on the front burner of the media recently is not in doubt. Both for positive and negative reasons. I have in recent times expressed my views and opinions on these subject matters. But the recent comments of Chief Dele Momodu opened my eyes to a few things laudable about the Church.

He praised the achievements of the church in the area of administration, financial prudence and general impact on the society.

  1. To corroborate some of his observations I discovered the first ten private universities are mission based.
  2. Quite a number of camps also operate as residential estates to take care of accommodation problems.
  3. The university institutions also have teaching hospitals to take care of medical problems of Nigerians. I can’t but mention Redemption Camp Health Center that has become a safe haven for my family and members of our church . The center takes care of every one both Christians and Muslims.

What about the probity, solid management and financial structure that are in place that have produced all that we see, including the private jets that people complain about?
I have since realized that young men and women abroad boast of private jets but the poverty of our environment has made ownership of a plane; a thing for the ‘big boys’.
What about the spiritual sanctity provided by these churches, because if these people are not in church, they might likely be under the bridge or engaging in armed robbery. If the numbers polled in churches today are free on the streets I believe this nation would have become ungovernable.

Pastor Adeboye speaks to millions all over the world every day of the week encouraging and praying for the people which is why to a degree we have peace in the land.
What I think we can learn from the church is the prudence that produces all that we see. If you hand over the refineries to a man like Bishop Oyedepo, Rev. Sam Adeyemi or Dr. Olukoya I believe we will get results. The capacity of these men to make the difference in our nation is not in doubt.

At least these monies are not traceable to their foreign accounts. The money we talk about is gathered painstakingly and surely expended. We are not celebrating mediocrity, abandoned projects, over budgeting, etc. I believe the church should step into politics and do same thing they’re doing in the church in the public glare.

Nigerians will see good governance if these men stepped into politics.