Love can be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection and is often characterized by serving the undeserving or unworthy. But, unfortunately, by observing the state of the economy and the wickedness that has taken over our land, I have discovered that people have become selfish, self-centered, all of which we can see through the rise in ritual killings, sexual molestations, violent marriages, deceitful relationships, terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping.
Of late, most of our news headlines are disheartening, and there is no doubt that this goes a long way in determining our thoughts through the day. We live in fear of one another and suspicion because we do not know what to expect from each other. It is disheartening to know that the next generation has also lost all moral values as a result. 

The present-day child has become a business tool because parents cannot adequately afford the upkeep of their children, so they subject them to risky businesses such as hawking. And as a result of the constant strikes in universities, the usual three months window for holidays has been eaten up, so there’s barely any bonding between parents and children to allow domestic teachings to take place, and this also means that undergraduates are unable to give back to the society. I remember years ago when undergraduates organized holiday lectures in their towns and communities to give back and encourage education.
We have raised a generation that doesn’t understand communal living, love for their neighbors, and social responsibility. Our children have grown to embrace the wrong things believing money is everything and that whatsoever you do to make money does not matter. 

“Kin sa ti lowo” is their new slogan. They have grown from Yahoo to Yahoo plus, which means they are already diabolical, and this, in my opinion, is an outright display of wickedness and unfortunately, it has been taken to be the right thing.

Things have become so bad that I have seen people trying to show love only to be met with suspicion because this generation has never seen genuine love. Instead, many have seen enough wickedness and hatred to believe it is a way of life. Unfortunately, we have sent the wrong signals to the next generation, and they are committed to taking it to the extreme.
Even in this dynamic, the church is not exempted because we have failed by preaching a pseudo gospel called the prosperity gospel. We have deemphasized righteousness to the extent whereby even our ordinations are based on what people can give. We have turned ministry into business by forgetting the core of our message but ensuring that we give individuals great ambiance and sound system and then levy the rich to sustain the running of things.
I am making a passionate plea for a change in attitude and character, and the only way this can happen is if we begin to show love. So, let’s begin to show love in our schools, offices, marketplaces, churches, homes, and even the public in general. Let’s make life easier for ourselves because we are destroying our future if we continue to live like this.
Already, it’s difficult to give lifts because of the fear of getting robbed, we’re also scared to give money because the money might find itself with the herbalist for rituals, we can’t even sleep in hotels for fear of being sacrificed, it is hard for uncles and aunts to be in the custody of your children for fear of being violated, and to even buy foodstuff in the market is a whole other ball game because you’re not sure of the kind of chemicals used to ripen those fruits and foodstuff in general. So life is getting scary in this country.
To stop this, we must preach love and live a life of good character. We need to go back to the old order through which we were raised. We need to extend our loving hands to the next generation to prepare a better future for them. What our children and the next generation need are love and the fear of God. Let our leaders show love and the fear of God, and the world will be a better place.